Rapid Test Reagents

Conjugate StabilizersRapid test are inexpensive, easy and ready to use Point of care Immunochromatographic assays that provide visual evidence for the presence or absence of an analyte. We provide all the raw materials to make an efficient and effective rapid test. Rapid tests are widely used in clinical labs, food manufacturing companies, veterinary practice, food storage and environmental monitoring.


Gold Particles

We provide high quality colloidal gold particles ranging 20- 40 nm in size with 1-10 OD. These naked particles are widely used for development of Lateral flow assay and POC rapid diagnostic products because they are ready to use, produces instant results and saves time

Gold Conjugates

We offer ready to use gold conjugates for lateral flow assays and other POC diagnostic tests. We offer these conjugates in particle sizes ranging from 20-40nm . We also offer custom conjugations of gold particles with your choice of antibodies or proteins.

Gold Conjugate Stabilizer

Colloidal gold cojugates of both antibodies and antigens can be stored for extended period of time using our Gold Conjugate Stabilizer. This stabilizer can also be used during the conjugation process to prevent aggregation of Gold particles after the conjugation. It also prevents non-specific binding of conjugates on the substrate and increases sensitivity of the assay.

Agglutinating Agent for Blood Separation

Soybean agglutinin has a high molecular weight, stability and an isoelectric point that makes it an excellent agent for separation of human blood cells for the development of lateral flow and flow through tests. We can provide this agglutinin right from development to manufacturing phase of your product.


ELISA Reagents
ELISA Reagents

We offer high performance buffers that can reduce the background and enhance signal of immunoassays significantly by preventing non-specific binding and matrix effect. These buffers are specifically formulated for ELISA and can be used for other assays as well.


Antibody Coat Buffer

Our coat buffer maintains the activity of coated antibody or antigen thereby enhancing the binding of target molecule to increase the signal. The pH and molarity of the buffer provides an optimal coating environment to increase binding of antibodies and antigens to the polystyrene plate.

Post Coat/Stabilization Buffer

Blocking buffer is used to protect the adsorbed antibodies and antigens on the polystyrene plate from external conditions and also to prevent non-specific binding by blocking uncoated areas of the well.


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